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Davie Group Classes Protocol

  • Make a reservation.

  • Mindbody will confirm your reservation the day before.

  • Vaccinations are not required but recommended.

  • Arrive 10 minutes before class and enter through the Fitness Center. Report to the Patio Area for attendance check. 

  • Only bring what is necessary and place your belongings on one of the tables, benches, or chairs. A hat, sunglasses and water for hydration are recommended.

  • Enter the water and stay in an assigned area with 32 - 36 square feet of workout space.

  • Adjust to the water and start warming up your large muscles. 

  • We will do our best to start the class on time!

  • Once class begins

    • Follow the instructor.

    • Participate at a level which mirrors your goals staying in your assigned area.

    • Limit social talking.

    • The instructor will allow for safe water breaks.

    • Modify your exercises if they are too strenuous.

    • Make sure you do the cool/warm down.

  • If you need to leave early, let the instructor know before class starts.

  • Cool down starts at 45-50 minutes past the hour. We leave the pool at approximately 50-55 minutes past the hour.

  • Do not attempt to remove or adjust the lane lines.

  • Return all equipment to the patio area.  If you use a flotation belt or cuffs supplied by Nancy Olson Water Fitness, hang on the table where you picked up the belt/cuffs.  

  • Collect your belongings and leave through the Fitness Center.  

  • Anyone who becomes positive for COVID should follow current CDC guidelines for a safe return.

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